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My Story


Hi there. Call me Rob.

Depending on how you look at it, I'm an opinion journalist who jumped ship to open a restaurant, or a chef and business owner who took a detour through the world of journalism before "finding my true passion." The truth is messy and probably somewhere in between. 

I grew up the only child of two hardworking superparents in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I studied American and African American history at Georgetown University, but spent most of my time in college at the office of Georgetown's alternative newsweekly, The Voice. 

After school, I worked my way through a few journalism jobs in Washington, D.C.: at The New Republic, where I learned how to craft an argument; at the Washington Post, where I experienced what it feels like to wake up at 3 a.m. every morning; and at the Center for American Progress, where I got the hang of how to manage teams and big projects. 

I picked up a masters degree at Columbia University's journalism school and then spent a few years writing a blog and unsigned editorials for the Boston Globe's opinions page. That's when I traveled to Provincetown, Massachusetts, fell in love (with the place and a person) and my path started to shift.

In 2011, my then-boyfriend and I bought and began rehabbing an old waterfront building in the center of Provincetown. Two years later, we decided to take over the restaurant space in our building. I went to culinary and restaurant management school at the International Culinary Center in New York. Then, in the summer of 2013, The Canteen was born. 

My path to becoming a chef and business owner has been an evolution: as a kid, watching my mom prepare dinners every night and my dad building his own companies; mimicking chefs I'd seen on TV while cooking dinners for myself; throwing dinner parties for friends, who encouraged me to think about cooking not just as a passion, but as a profession; working catering gigs; attending culinary school and volunteering for short one- or two- day stages at restaurants I admire. My cooking style springs from all of these experiences -- rooted in classic techniques yet unpretentious, serious about taste but not fussy. I'm lucky to continue this evolution in my adopted home of Cape Cod, where a venerated culinary tradition runs parallel with a history of casual, summertime fun. The bounty of fresh seafood and produce doesn't hurt, either. 

For whatever reason you've made it to this site, thanks for your interest in my work. You can find links to a lot of my writing here. You can learn a bit more about my food here. You can read about some random things I've done here. And you can contact me or follow me on social media here